Guitar Songs: Thinking Of A Guitar Solo To Go In A Song?

I can solo confidently (and well) but all the songs i’ve written need a solo. I have 4 hair-metal songs like Motley Crue or the 1st album from Skid Row, and they definitely need a solo.
I know that the solo needs to fit, and must be in key, and i can master that, but what do you do if ya can’t think of the solo to go with it? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.


  1. Johnathan says:

    If you need to write a solo for a song and you’re stuck, just do what I do, go to the slaughterhouse, harsh solos can come out of that.

  2. Fedor400 says:

    dude just have the music play in the background and just start
    with one note and then keep going.

  3. life of the party. says:

    just play the song and it will come.. don’t think to much about it or worry.

  4. minber57 says:

    Whenever I want to hear an insane solo, I just turn on some ACDC. He has a crazy solo in virtually every song he plays. Maybe one of his solos can inspire you.