Guitar Chords: Teenage Kick Chords I Need Help?

The title pretty much says it…for the record, i do go through the comments almost everyday and any comments with a negative rating will be deleted.

hey people i need help with teenage kicks chords the song is done by the undertones i only want to use d / e / am/ what the hack a c i am only 12 and i need the chords on guitar electric or acustic plz help peeps


  1. Philip H © says:

    D Db Bm A G G#

    intro D Db Bm Db (x2)

    Verse 1
    D Db
    a teenage dream’s so hard to beat
    Bm Db
    every time she walks down the street
    D Db
    another girl in the neighborhood
    Bm A
    wish she was mine, she looks so good

    G G#
    i wanna hold, wanna hold her tight
    A D
    and get teenage kicks all through the night

    Verse 2
    i’m gonna call her on the telephone
    have her over ‘cos i’m all alone
    i need excitement, though i need it bad
    and it’s the best i’ve ever had


    solo D Db Bm Db (x2)

    repeat verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus

    D Db Bm (Db-1st time, A-2nd)


    Outro D G A D

  2. andy muso says:

    You can’t just pick the chords that you want to play. If the song contains chords you don’t know, go and learn them!!! Acoustic or electric, the chords will be the same.