Guitar Lessons: What Can I Do To Teach The Ppl Upstairs A Lesson Next Time They Wake Me Up At 5am By Being Noisy?

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Heya, last night at 5am suddenly loads of noise started upstairs, they randomly put on 1 song really loudly, then after that I heard someone, who must be the size of an elephant, jumping up and down and walking around thudding their feet, it was so loud my ceiling was creaking. Then they started playing guitar and wailing along to it, after about half an hr a taxi pulled up, someone yelled like a caveman out of the window at him, then I heard the fat guy fall down, get up and run down the stairs and get into it. I’ve never heard footsteps from upstairs before so this friend of theirs must have been huge cos it was soooo loud. When I got up this morning I noticed he’d left the front door to the building wide open! After that there was no noise but by this time I was wide awake. They did this the night before but last night was worse. I was just about to put on some loud music so they got the hint, but luckily then that fat guy went home. Any suggestions for if it happens again?


  1. MissTina says:

    You know what my cousin does? He takes the stick end of a broom and hits the ceiling with it. Next time they make noice, hit the ceiling with a broom in the middle night. That’ll make them angry and hopefully they’ll get the picture.

  2. fewcw says:

    I dont think you can TEACH them anything.

    First, consider talking to them and explaining the situation

    Second, it sounds like you in an apartment building. Check with the landlord to see what policies, if any, apply to this situation

    Thirdly, if those two don’t work contact the local police agency to see if they help alleviate the problem.

  3. creviazuk says:

    Call the police or local council ‘noise nuisance’ hotline.

    It’s why you pay taxes…to use these services.

  4. Al W says:

    i think your original idea of blasting loud music back at them is brillaint! You could open your window and start screaminig manically, treat it as a bit of fun if you can, try and do to him what he’s doing to you, it sounds likes you live in a flat so you could go up to his door and smear butter on the door handle that would be funny!

  5. Corkey says:

    Call the police and tell them there are minors and they have drugs. Tell them you seen them with it and alcohol.

  6. bluebadger says:

    Why don’t you try approaching them, nicely, and explaining that it has annoyed you. Say why, what and where and when. Than explain that if it happens again you will be contacting the local EHO. Start keeping a diary of the noise nuisance so you ahve something to show the authorities. But try the personal approach 1st. You might not need to do any more than point out that they have annoyed you.

  7. DLA says:

    Why do you want to teach them a lesson? They did nothing wrong as far as they know. Go upstairs the night before and politely ask them if they would try to keep the noise down at 5am , you are trying to sleep.
    Your neighbors being noisy once in awhile is nothing to complain about. Get some ear plugs

  8. cheeky says:

    If these people are awake at that time of night they must be sleeping late in the morning so that’s the time to make some noise to get your own back,but this is likely to start a competition to see who can make the loudest noise.
    I reckon the best way to go about it is to go and introduce yourself and try to make friends then you could ask them politely to keep it down,even if it’s just when the fat bloke’s there,you’ve got more chance of getting it sorted then.
    It’s not a good idea to have enemy’s when you live in flats,you’re too close together and the chances of crossing paths with them is greater.

  9. lilbreeze2000 says:

    WOW, First I’d like to say that I had to chuckle at the humor in this. I know there wasn’t suppose to be any, because if this happened to me I would be very upset. But you had humor there..(sorry). But, to keep yourself out of trouble, next time when the noises are so loud you can’t hear yourself think, call the landlord, he’s the one that allowed these “cave’ people in there and also call the police. I’m not a cop calling yo yo myself, but sometimes you do what you have to so your not the one in trouble. If you get along with them, or what have you, and if you think this can be done, go to them and let them know it’s not appreciated to be getting woke up at 5am. If you think there is not a snowball chance in hell this will resolve anything then take other measures. Each time they do this call the person that ownes the place along with the law. I’d like to tell you what I would do, but it is very much against the law. Hope you have a better night!

  10. AD says:

    Next time they are making noise at 5 am. Go up stairs and knock on the door. Politely explain to them that you do not have to get up for several more hours and you would greatly appreciate if if they could keep the noise down. Most likely these are just rude people who do not think about others living in the building. Often if you bring it to their attention in a nice way – they will be more considerate.

    After that – if it happens again – call the land lord.

  11. steven l says:

    easy!! next time you hear noise..go upstairs knock on door and blast fat b@stard with shotgun…go back to bed and have a nice sleep

  12. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    Firstly, only bang on your own ceiling with a broom if you are a plasterer…not recommended!
    Secondly, playing your own music loud will have limited effect on someone above you, but it’ll really p*ss off YOUR downstairs neighbours!
    My advice ( other than simply fronting up to the f*ckwits and telling them exactly what you think of them ), would be the age-old trick of a doggie-doo in a paper bag, set fire to it, knock on their door & watch from a safe distance!!