Guitar Lessons: Can You Teach Yourself Piano, Fluently?

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i need to take up the piano due to school and stuff, but im already doing guitar and i cannot drop that so my parents refuse to get my piano or keyboard lessons, i was wondering if using the internet + playing around,i could teach myself…
i can read basic music, but nothing to extreme.
any tips or guidence? x


  1. Kevin Weisenhower says:

    Well, already knowing how to read music is a HUGE plus to playing other instruments. Buy some books (from a local music store), and flip through it. Also, try to spend some time doing exercises with the piano. Make sure you get a feel for it and can fluently remember which keys are which and how to shift and play your scales quickly. After a while you’ll be at least a very good pianist without any prior tutors, etc. :)

  2. Nikki P says:

    My sister did a fine job of it. She already played sax and I was struggling along with piano when one day she asked me where middle C was and of course I showed her. Flats, sharps that kind of thing. Two weeks later she was playing Fur Elise. I’ve never forgiven her.

  3. Zoey says:

    remember those cute little toy pianos that you used to play when you were a kid? those can actually teach you how to play!

    i learned how to play beethovan on one of those things. they are embarrassing but really efficient!

  4. givemestrength says:

    Who knows for sure, and you have to have some musical ability. You really need some lessons in learning the piano. Unless you’ve got exceptional ability to learn on your own, you would need lessons whatever.

    Why the objections from your parents? Is it the cost of everything? I think you’ll do well whatever happens. As your musical minded it won’t take you long to be proficient in the piano.