Guitar Lessons: I Have No Talents :(?

I’m pretty much useless at everything. I really really want to play drums or guitar but they’re for rich people and my family is kinda poor, so a guitar and lessons would be too much. Plus my dad and my grandparents would laugh at me. Don’t ask it’s kinda hard to explain but they’d find it hilarious that I want to play an instrument. I’m too fat/lazy to do any sport, and I’m no good at it. I have a terrible singing voice and I make myself look stupid dancing. Writing, who cares about that? I would but nobody reads anymore it seems, and I#d get bullied for being a nerd. I really want to be good at something because there’s a girl at school who I really like but there’s nothing good about me, I’m just some loser. :( What should I do?


  1. Adam Plumb says:

    Cry in the corner of a room and rock back and forth!

  2. SpicyIcee says:

    Awe, come bow have some self respect. You are not a loser. I bet theres a small job you can pick up, any kind. Save up your money can get yourself that guitar. You can find used ones. I’m sure someone will even offer to teach you for a minimal fee. You can’t give up on yourself because if you do others will also. So what if they laugh at you? They already know you want to play, and they shouldn’t laugh at your hopes and possible potential! Just work at it. If you are worried about your weight, go to a gym or work out privately in your room. You just need some self confidence. Go for what you want. Stand up for yourself and don’t let the evil bullies ruin you life. You’re a better person then them. what do you think they have going for them in their future? Most likely jail time, or failure. It’s usually the “nerds” that end up being those losers boss in the future.

  3. Mike Frenelly says:

    don’t listen to the idiots answer. you can get pretty cheap guitars these days, great for beginners, sure you cant save up enough to buy one? maybe get a little part time job? you dont need talent to play an instrument, just practice! dont worry about your dad and gradparents they’re probably just jealous and bitter because the never did anything with their lives. life’s too short. just do it! what have you got to lose?

  4. Georgia says:

    Nobody reads anymore???? Have you ever heard of Harry Potter?

    Maybe if you did some sport you wouldn’t be fat. Energy breeds energy, so get up from the computer and go for a long, brisk walk. It will clear your head and give you some much needed oopmph! A whiny person will never get the girl. You want to get a positive approach to life and stop moping around in front of your computer all day.

  5. Rebecca_96 says:

    Try and persuade your dad to get you to have a party! For birthday or halloween – halloween is better because if you invited the girl you like you could see her in minimal clothing 😉 and you could talk to her and ask her what she does and get to know what she likes so you could do an extra curricular activity to do with what she likes.

    Or you could try to do any of the following:
    -Cooking (I surprised myself when I found out I could make the best chocolate roulade ever!)
    -Going to concerts (Trust me, it’s my favourite hobby, just go to cheap ones in clubs or bars and stuff)
    -Playing Xbox (You probably already do that – I presume you are a guy)

    If all else fails…. Wrap loads of random items in tin foil, say it’s what abjects in the future will look like, say it’s modern art, get a load of money and you can pay for anything for the girl.

    So yeah, try these things out.
    Hope this helps and good luck getting that girl :)