Best Acoustic Guitar: Anyone Suggest A Good, Reasonably Priced Steel Stringed Acoustic Guitar?


  1. Captain Jack ® says:

    Ibanez, Epiphone and Yamaha have playable guitars starting around $ 200.00 and up. Go to your local music store and check them out. While you’re there, check their used guitars. You might be able to get a better guitar by going the used route. The local music store is the guitarist’s best friend. They will make sure you get a decent guitar for your money. They are not corporate backed and can’t stay in business without satisfied customers.


  2. Teddy Baca says:

    Get a Jasmine guitar..
    Not only do they sound really nice, but are inexpensive and built pretty well!
    I’ve played one and I loved it and it they are only around 100 dollars.