Guitar Lessons: I Suck At Everything I Do.?

Richie Kotzen Guitar Lesson – Young guitar 2007

I mean literally everything I’ve ever tried. I got bullied from been 11 til about 14 which has made me loose confidence in myself, probaby making everything harder as I lost confidence in myself because of them. I’ve tried sports; I failed. Academically, I was average. I don’t have a lot of friends but I don’t care too much about that. I love music but I’ve never sang in my life. If I open my mouth to sing nothing comes out which shows I’d be no good as a singer (Even though thats what I’d love to do more than anything). I’ve tried Guitar and piano in my music lessons but thats back when I was depressed about the fact I couldn’t do anything without someone insulting me so I didn’t bother trying. I’m not confident in talking to people so getting a job is going to be hard. I don’t want to see a doctor about depression or tell anybody about how I feel cause then I would basically be admitting how pathetic I am. I thought about suicide but realised it’s poitnless but I have to ask what the point in life is if I have nothing and no one? Is the point of my life to suck at everything and just constantly be in pain?
I’ve tried gaming. Yet again I was average.
It is pathetic though cause my family will start to feel sorry for me, treat me like a 8 year old which in turn would make me feel pathetic.


  1. Scared says:

    The reason why you think you fail at everything is because you believe you will fail at everything start believing in yourself and you will start being successful

  2. kamran_devil says:

    everyone is good at something take me for example i suck at every thing but when it come to ps3 gamiing i kick serious ass so dont worry and keep trying u will find tht thing

  3. hiddenmyname says:

    Well if you think you will fail then inevitably you will. I didn’t really find things I was good at and enjoyed until I’d left school and university. The key is to keep trying different things until you find something you like. LIking something is far more important than being good at it. Being depressed isn’t pathetic and I really do think you need to talk to a doctor or professional about how you feel.