Guitar Chords: Strumming Pattens And Playing Chords (guitars)?

Moonlight by Yiruma (composed by Brian Crain though) sheet music: mp3: i am in no way affiliated with Yiruma. The mp3 is merely to aid those attempting to play the song. Besides, this song’s frequency has been altered so when it goes on an iPod, it’ll slowly deteriorate the earphones.

i can play the chords to songs but i don’t understand how the strumming pattens work. When i play the chords it doesn’t sound right, my friend said it’s your strumming pattern. Help me I’m trying to play Hero by Enrique Iglesias


  1. Dolly says:

    Down, Down, Up, Down – Up, Down times however many is left in the song

  2. mike says:

    Listen to the song over and over, until you know it and you can replay it in your head, it’ll just become natural to do it correctly.

  3. Wayne T says:

    The main thing when playing chords is keeping a steady beat. You don’t try to strum for each word; sometimes there may be two or three words to one beat; other times there may be two beats or more for one word, when the song goes slow or there is a pause in the singing.