Guitar Lessons: If I Started Teaching Myself Bass Aged 15, Would I Have Started Too Late To Ever Make It In A Band?

I’ve recently started getting into rock music and going to a few rock shows and I’d love to be in a band and play shows for a living. I’d want to play bass, but I don’t have a bass guitar yet, however I have a guitar that I’ve been teaching myself on for a few months and I’m getting a bass for Christmas. But have I started too late if I’m 15? I’m very determined, I spend loads of time playing and practicing but I don’t know anyone that plays any instruments or sings that I could start a band with. Oh and I don’t care if the band never makes it big, I just want to play shows and maybe tour. And will I have to take lessons to have any chance of being in a band?


  1. Izabelle Nardella says:

    It’s never too late, I’m 15 also and I’m starting to learn guitar and I hope to do the same as you. Remember you always have a chance. :)

  2. newton says:

    As the answerer above me said, it’s never too late to learn an instrument. 15 is even the perfect age to learn instruments like the guitar, the piano or the bass because you’re really aware of what you’re doing with it, and you’re old enough to notice your own mistakes when you play.

    So take your guitar or your bass and rock it.