I have recently started to teach myself to play the acoustic guitar…?

All is going well apart from the fact that i seem to have gone backwards for some reason . I was playing better before than i am now !!!! Is this normall or is it me being a wierdo ?? Last week my chord changes were nice and quick . This week they seem to be slow and awkward. its driving me insane !!!


  1. helen p says:

    As you get to know more chords you will slow down a bit as there is so much more remember. As you get more confident you will try to move faster so make more mistakes. Just take it a it comes.

  2. Mister M says:

    yea this happened to me, im self taught as well. i think that my problem was that when i first started playin guitar i didnt know much about music. but when i became more concious of the rules of music it seemed my skill went down because i was exchangin creativity for me actually trying to follow the rules of music. this may sound wierd but give it a try,it helped me…play as if u were a little kid playing, not caring about making mistakes or perfection. your mistakes become part of the music and therefore there will be no mistakes. dont overthink your playing, just play

  3. draciron says:

    Could be lots of things. Playing guitar is a great deal like sports in some ways. You have to be there mentally and physically to play your best. Before important gigs I always tried to get decent sleep, avoid heavy exercise that would tighten my muscles up to the point where it hampered me on guitar, etc In short it just might be a bad week for you and next week your going to be right back on top of it. .

    It may well be your just more aware also. Last week you were proud to rip those chords out. Now your more critical of your playing. We all do that. We listen back to something we recorded a year or more ago and hear every awkward and clumsy note. It’s because we are that much better as a guitarist. We expect more from ourselves and push ourselves to get that much better.

    Could be a minor gear issue as well. Being the least bit out of tune will nag at you something fierce. If your strings are tired or you’ve messed up your settings on your amp/effects that will make what your doing sound off. You may be playing with less effects and noticing your mistakes more. Generally a good idea is to practice clean at times to hear just your chording and leave all effects off. Effects can cover up sloppy technique at times.

    In short it’s a good thing that your noticing this. It will make you a better guitarist in the long run.

  4. carinamiles860 says:

    try to practice everyday little and often is always better than just a bulk practice in one day. try half an hour a day so you dont over do it.
    good luck x