I started playing guitar again after some time.What’s hapenning is my hand starts to hurt after 1 or 2 songs

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I adjusted the neck a bit. But still it is hard for me to play after a couple of songs.

Has this ever happenned to any of you?
Hopefully after some more practice this will stop happening.


  1. hero_from_yesterday says:

    it will stop…hand cramps are common

  2. Regnarax says:

    You may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Do you work with computers or type alot?

  3. Bloom450 says:

    well since ur finger are going so fast, they arn’t used to it

  4. Owenz says:

    I played guitar for 5 years, that has never happened to me. Only when I started playing my fingers got sore, but now I have thick skin on my fingers so they don”t hurt no more. To answer your question I think your hands are to weak.

  5. Jennifer A says:

    I have been playing for 2 to 3 years and that will go away but have to practice and move your hand correctly

  6. Tom G says:

    That is what happens when you return to an instrument after a break.

    I returned from holiday the other day and it hurt after several songs too.

    Just keeping and it will sort itself out.

  7. MegC says:

    if you have been playing loads suddenly, it could be tendanitis, or it’s probably just you’re hands trying to re-adjust itself after sometime.

  8. jesse_teindl says:

    practise for sure will fix that. It’s just like calluses, you gotta play through the pain, and then they will be fine. a good stretch is to pull your thumb away from the rest of your fingers, back towards your wrist. Other than that, play play play

  9. Dan K says:

    i have been playing guitar for a while. this should happen when you first start, basically your building up your hand/finger stamina/muscle

  10. LadyM says:

    It just takes a while to get back in to it, make sure you have got your hand in a good position and pratice like a maniac! I bet the tips of your fingers are agony too lol!

  11. old know all says:

    When you first learn, you build up gradually so your muscles and skills develop at the same time. Going back to it, you are trying to do things that your head knows but your hands have forgotten. Work up gradually with gentle exercises and remember the golden rule – when it hurts, stop.

  12. the_emrod says:

    It’s your under-used muscles aching! Keep practising and it will get better.