Guitar Chords: I Started To Play The Guitar At Last, My Fingers Are Sore From The Strings Will They Ever Not Be Sore?

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today my left middle finger especially was sore all day just from practising chords, and when I went to practise again today all my left fingers were sore I couldnt play for long will they always be sore when I play? also what can I do to make it easier to reach far away frets? (im a total beginner so dont laugh at me please).


  1. Nicky D says:

    they will hrden, like the skin on your feet. Witchhazel is a good produc to put on your fingers to harden/help heal.

  2. Noople Burnois says:

    Its natural for your fingers to be sensitive at the start, but your finger tips will harden soon (dedicated guitar players finger’s feel like leather)

  3. Laird Vulpine says:

    I had the same problem – I used to practice until my fingers bled! Eventually I wore my fingerprints off!

    You just have to keep trying – but a better guitar might help, one that doesn’t have the strings high above the fretboard (a better “action” as it’s called by a lot of guitarists).

    As for stretching, again, that comes with trying to reach a bit further each time.

    Don’t give up!

  4. Cloe Comenski says:

    I’ve been there done that…. They will be sore at first but the tips of your fingers will start to form a hard layer of skin… which is normal and its a good thing. Also for stretching your fingers…. open you right hand and your left hand with your index finger up and middle finger down, press your left hand against your right hand. Almost like you’re trying to get the webbing between your fingers on your left hand to touch your right hand. Do this with all your fingers… this will help or at least it did for me….


  5. Klink says:

    As for the pain in the fingers, the best thing for this is to just keep playing (but not quite as much). The skin on your fingers will harden up a little over time and you wont feel pain anymore. I can play for 2hours straight and not have any pain in my fingers.

    For the fret reach, the only thing i can recommend is practice. Just keep playing the chords you are finding difficult and eventually you will be able to do it.

    Have fun with it =)

  6. Barks-at-Parrots says:

    Try the flute.

    It goes tootle-tootle-toot, etc.

  7. Grungeartist says:

    they will harden eventually. you will get something called a Calais. it’s just hard skin. in the mean time, so your fingers don’t split open and bleed, try putting tape on your fingers, like a band-aid.

    good luck, and keep playing!

  8. fred says:

    To solve the far away fret, take up a fretless washtub bass. Fit it with a bungi cord instead of traditional “cat gut” or steel string. Tune it to an open E when broom handle is at 90 degrees. Your fingers won’t get sore or calloused but you might be sacrificing tonal quality. Get a proffesional to set it up and take lessons.

  9. old lady says:

    You’ll be amazed how quickly your fingertips will toughen up. Reaching the far frets? It helps if you place your thumb under the center of the neck, so you can swivel your hand around, rather than grasping the neck, which a lot of beginners do.
    Have fun with it.