Guitar Lessons: I Want To Start A Band Help?

i have members we have songs and we r going to go to guitar/drum lessons soon. i want to know what to do next and how to get a gig.


  1. Tcjunior18 says:

    You have to get out their and make yourself known for your work.
    play in parks, make flyers for your supporting band, get friends and family involved,( supporting your band) internet. and just hope that your good enough for the people who are interested in your music.
    once you become good at getting known then take it to a radio station and hope them to ask you to perform.

  2. ? says:

    Well I haven’t had the experience, but i think you should get with your band first. Write some songs or maybe copy some. Make a sort of album and post things on youtube. If people think your good then people will notice your videos and inform you of magazine shoots, maybe even a record deal. I know this sounds a bit strange coming from an amateur but I really wish you the best you can get in music. xxxx 😉