Guitar Hero Games: Help With Starcraft After Dumb Boyfriend Comment?

DCL: Pass: MARCUS666 Para utilizar Guitar Hero Metallica PCMOD necesitas: Sistema operativo: Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 •Requisitos mínimos: “sin fondo animado” * Procesador: 600 MHz * Memoria: 128 MB * Vídeo: 32 MB * DirectX 9.0c •Requisitos recomendados: * Procesador: Dual core athlon o intel equivalente * Memoria: 512 MB * Vídeo: 256 MB * DirectX 9.0c •Requisitos optimos (no lag): * Procesador: core 2 duo, phenom x4 * Memoria: 2 gb * Vídeo: 512 vram en ddr3 * DirectX 11 El juego no es el original, es una version del Frets on fire con el tema de metallica y sus canciones, a mi parecer esta muy bueno, ya que se parece mucho al original, tiene ls mismas canciones. Espero que les guste. Si eres usuario de Taringa, te pido que le dejes puntos a MARCUS666 que es el Autor de este juego, los links no son mios, pero como me agrado el juego decidi compartirlo con ustedes Post de Taringa: Saludos y no olviden Suscribirse =D

Ok, well my boyfriend is a little bit of a geek for the game, and after a talk about it, he came out with this comment “Oh you couldn’t play it because your a girl” then of course awkward silence including a passing by tumbleweed.He tried to recover with “Oh I mean, you wont enjoy it, girls don’t play” even though I could kick his butt at guitar hero and finish FF faster and LOVE strategy and fighting games

so yeah, me being kind of stubborn I have gone and purchased starcraft (just the 1997 version) and I am in the middle of installing it along with the brood war expansion pack to prove I can play just as well as him…

My problem? All I know is it’s a kind of war game ha ha, any advice on to play well would be appreciated. I mean anything I should know about the game at all please feel free to tell me.


  1. kukushi9 says:

    real time stragety, you got to gather resources and build up your base and army, wile destroying your opponet.

  2. Steve S says:

    Starcraft 1 and 2 are a brand of game called RTS, Real Time Strategy. Basically you need to collect resources (Minerals and Vespene Gas) in order to make an army. You win the game by killing all of the other team’s buildings. It is a very challenging game. It’s much like a modern day game of chess. There are three races in the game and each of them are very unique. Terran(Humans), Zerg(Aliens), Protoss(Advanced Aliens). I would suggest playing Terran to begin.

    Anyways, so the basics are the game. You have workers which can collect resources for you and build building which you create your army with. Some buildings create your army, some buildings upgrade your army, and some buildings are required to build more advanced units. Basically the game is what you choose to spend your resources on. If you spend them on creating more workers then you will increase the rate at which you collect more resources which will allow you to build a larger army in the future. But you will have a weaker army in the early game which can leave you vulnerable to an enemy that rushes you with a lot of early units.

    The game takes a lot of time to learn. I would begin by playing the campaign on the easiest difficulty. And then once you’ve completed it start playing some actual games versus AI. Also, looking at video tutorial on YouTube would be helpful to learn the basics.

    Starcraft 2 is a lot better to Starcraft 1. If you enjoy Starcraft 1 I highly suggest picking up Starcraft 2.