Guitar Games: Am I Spoilt My Friends Think I Am?

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My friends are all calling me spoilt but i dont think i am im not like 1 of them millionare childs children who has there own house these are the things that i have that make my friends think im spoilt. Alienware m11x laptop, iphone 4, rotax petrol go kart, 32 inch samsung tv, xbox 360 with 42 games, electric guitar and some designer clothing e.g armarni sunglasses and ralf lauren tops and stuff like that) by the way im 12
I really appreciate what i get and i dont brag about it its just when my friends come round my house the
they see my stuff and straight away call me spoilt
in the uk we spell with spoilt… and i have 1 brother and spoilt and they both get as much as me


  1. chill out bro. says:

    you’re twelve and you have an iphone, your own tv and a personal go cart*
    you brat.

  2. Taze Master says:

    You are a bit spoiled, but share with your friends if you don’t want to be spoiled.

  3. Fred says:

    well . . you’ve certainly got a lot of desirable crap . . .but that does not make you spoiled . . . It is your actions and conduct that reveal if you’re spoiled or not . . .short of that . . I think the true issue is that your friends are envious of what you are given and are confusing having things with being spoiled . . perhaps they feel your parents are just giving you stuff unnecessarily . .

  4. Dianne says:

    Yes i’m afraid you are…………..try your best not to let it blight your life.