Guitar Songs: How Do I Get Different Sounds On My Guitar?

Like for different music, eg: rock they have a sort of lout, screech. I have a strat electric guitar and on films or in songs you hear them make a sort of rock sound but mine just sounds normal. I kno it is something to do with the amp but my amp dosen’t have any options on the sound ??? Plz help


  1. ZZ says:

    It’s the box thingy like an effects pedal or something, or maybe if you had a sythesizing amp.

    I’m no expert but you need extra electricals.

    It could be a stomp box you need.

    Google or you tube it! : )

  2. Liam says:

    You will need a distortion or overdrive pedal to put in between you guitar and amp.
    You plug the cable from your guitar into to the pedal and then another cable from your pedal into your amp.
    This changes the sound and gives it the loud screeching sound your used to hearing.

    If you are a beginner, this is a great first pedal:

  3. anonymous says:

    There are a couple different options, depending on what kind of amplifier you have. First try turning the gain all the way up. The gain is what gives it the distortion, or “screech”. The drive select button controls whether the amp is in clean mode or distorted mode. If your amp has a drive select button, then try pushing that. Also make sure the volume on your guitar is turned all the way up. Make sure to always leave the guitar volume on max and adjust the volume on the amp to get it louder or quieter, as that will give it the maximum gain possible. If all else fails you can buy a distortion pedal for a fairly decent price at almost any music shop.

  4. Norm Jones says:

    Hello there,

    For the rock sound, you need an overdrive or distortion pedal. The Boss DS-1 is a very good basic distortion pedal that is fairly inexpensive.

    There are a lot of different types of effects and I have no idea how many different effects pedals are available these days. The problem is that effects pedals are not cheap. You can tie up a lot of money in effects pedals. I think newer players are better off upgrading their amp than buying many effects pedals. You can get a digital modeling amp. Those have the sounds of several classic sounding amps programmed in. They also have several built in effects. That saves you the cost of buying separate pedals for the basic commonly used effects. Vox, Peavey, Line 6, Marshall and Fender all make comparable models that are priced the same. I think the Fender Mustang is the better buy because it has more power and more features than the others. The Fender Mustang I costs $ 100. It is a 1×8 combo amp. The Fender Mustang II is a 40 watt 1×12 combo amp that sells for $ 200. I think the Mustang II is worth the extra $ 100. The 12 inch speaker gives you a richer fuller tone. But any of those brands have good digital modeling amps. For the price of about 3 pedals, you can get a better amp that has several built in effects. I think that is a better way to go for most newer players.


  5. andy muso says:

    You use effects pedals.