Guitar Songs: What Songs Do You Know That Leave An Ideal Space For A Guitar Solo?

Wayne Kramer redefined rock ‘n roll guitar as a member of the extreme Detroit band, The MC5…David Was is one of the founding brothers behind Was (Not Was) and one of the greatest lyricists on Earth. A decade ago, they recorded a classic album together – The Return of Citizen Wayne. Everyone should own a copy…Here’s a brand new, exclusive version of a song from that CD, “Revolution in Apt. 29″

You lot are spastics. Those songs already have guitar solos in. Try reading the question next time and study a bit harder at playschool.


  1. Osama Bin Lorry says:

    any song by westlife

    the entire duration of each song would be better filled with a guitar solo

  2. forgetmenot1908 says:

    smooth by Santana – that song has a kick ass guitar solo in it

  3. Gilo says:

    Free Bird By Lynyrd Skynyrd