Guitar Songs: What Songs Should I Learn To Get Better T Guitar?

11/18/93 – Sony Music Studios (MTV Unplugged rehearsal), New York, NY Set: Come As You Are • Come As You Are • About A Girl • About A Girl • The Man Who Sold The World • The Man Who Sold The World • The Man Who Sold The World • Polly • Dumb • Pennyroyal Tea • Pennyroyal Tea (part of) • Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam • Plateau • Lake Of Fire • Oh, Me • Oh, Me • Plateau • All Apologies The rehearsal was reportedly about three hours long, a large portion of which was spent checking sound and tuning. Curt and Cris Kirkwood from the Meat Puppets joined the band onstage for the three Meat Puppets songs (“Plateau,” “Lake Of Fire,” and “Oh, Me”). Curt played guitar, and Cris played bass and sang backup vocals. Two versions of “Oh, Me” were rehearsed. – NLG Includes only “Come As You Are” (first take), “Polly,” “Plateau” (second take), “Pennyroyal Tea” (both takes), and “The Man Who Sold The World” (one take). “Pennyroyal Tea” (second take) cuts in.

I’ve just recently Started a band with a few people in the year above me in school, and I’m one of the guitarists. My family says I’m quite good at guitar for the length I’ve been playing. I’m thirteen and have been playing just under a year (I can play nightmare by avenged sevenfold up until the solo) what songs can I learn to get better? I’m into more alternative and rock bands like black veil brides, paramore, falling in reverse, and bands like mötley Crüe, ac/dc, and guns n’ roses.


  1. Metal On Metal says:

    those bands will not help at all if your trying to be better at guitar man

  2. Ryan says:

    Time of your life by green day sounds brilliant yet not to hard to play

  3. Sam says:

    A great one to learn is walk – pantera, it’s an easy catchy rift, and the solo, though it sounds complicated, it’s about the same difficulty as nightmares one, avenged sevenfold have covered it btw and I prefer that to the original, sweet child of mine is a relitavly easy song to learn, and another fun one is ace of spades – Motörhead. Also, ACDC back to black is brilliant ;D the rift sounds amazing on any guitar at any time