Help ! with song writing. “/?

I want to start writing a song.
But my problem is that i cant play guitar yet, or keyboard. Or any musical instrument.
I have a guitar, but cant play it :L Cant get lessons either, because i take expensive singing lesssons.
What shall i do about the fact that i want to write a song but need something to help me with the tune.
How can i learn the basics of guitar?!

Sorry , loads of questions in one there ! :L


  1. Daniel M says:

    Well, you could just write a song without an instrument, it’s actually a little bit easier to do than to sit down and figure out chords, unless you are just naturally the type to just strum about on a guitar.
    There are lots of places you can go online that will teach you how to play guitar, check out

    Happy song writing :)

  2. riot reality says:

    Well, if you want to write a song, write it. I’m sure one of your friends must know how to play some instrument. Ask them to help you. Then when your singing lessons are over, get guitar lessons (seeing as you already have the guitar).

  3. Pict says:

    You are also able to start playing, and you will make something, but you will need to try a lot, if you don’t know anything about guitar, but listen, I did 5 years classical guitar and guess what ? It’s crap ! What I learned about chords, I learned it on my own and now I have written some songs.

    You can get some help for the basics here :