Guitar Songs: What Song Should I Learn On My Guitar?

What didn’t make Kid A. Mixed opinions for this one. Thanks for 200000 hits! 1. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box – 0:00 2. Pyramid Song – 4:00 3. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors – 8:49 4. You And Whose Army? – 12:57 5. I Might Be Wrong – 16:07 6. Knives Out – 21:00 7. Morning Bell/Amnesiac – 25:14 8. Dollars and Cents – 28:30 9. Hunting Bears – 33:21 10. Like Spinning Plates – 35:22 11. Life in a Glasshouse – 39:19 Amnesiac is the fifth studio album by English alternative rock band Radiohead, released in June 2001. Debuting at the top of the UK charts and number two on the Billboard 200, Amnesiac featured more audible guitar than its direct predecessor Kid A, and unlike that album, it spun off several singles. Like Kid A, it synthesised influences of electronic music, ambient music, classical music, and jazz.

I’ve ben playing for a couple of months and have had a blank as to new songs i want to play. Reccommend some songs for me to learn please! :)


  1. Ms. Represent says:

    teen spirit, stairway to heaven, purple haze.

  2. Murzy says:

    stairway to heaven
    dust in the wind

  3. Blaidd Drwg says:

    I Hate This Part by Pussycat Dolls maybe? I know it may be tough, but it is worth a shot!

  4. Evan S says:

    A few easy songs to learn are Stairway to heaven, Hotel california, Hells bells, thunderstruck, and if you like music with more chords, Try playing songs by the beatles.

  5. kabbain says:

    some beatles classics :) even flow by pearl jam. coldplay songs? paramore, paolo nutini 😀

  6. Amanda says:

    ohio is for lovers,
    hey there delilah,
    sugar we’re goin down,
    thats what ive been learning, ahah. i kinda suck though.
    i have an acoustic.