Guitar Chords: Small Fingers To Play The Guitar?

RIP Gary Moore! Great performance by Albert Collins with a little help from Gary Moore. Montreux 1990.

I have relatively small stubby fingers and would like some tips to help play the guitar as i’m finding it hard to change chords.



  1. James Gordon W says:

    Try these: Chromatic Scale, FM7-F-Dm7-F, G7,G,G7,G.

  2. Desiree Sky says:

    Well, there are smaller scale guitars for smaller hands. This could help a lot. You also need to make sure you don’t let your left thumb get lazy. If you keep it in position, chords will be a lot easier to play. You should also try to make sure you stretch your hands before you play. There are tons of hand and finger stretches online if you just google them. Keep trying, good luck and have fun!