Best Acoustic Guitar: What Small-bodied Acoustic Guitar Is This?

Just an average saturday night when theres nothing on the tele. Having a jam with myself because there is nothing better to do…

…being played in this video

And also… if it’s an expensive one, does anybody know if there is a cheaper version?

Thank you!


  1. OnTheRock says:

    It looks like a parlor guitar, but I’m not sure what brand. There are a lot of parlor guitars available. The Art & Lutherie parlor guitar is a pretty good one for not much money (under $ 300).
    Here’s a link to the parlor guitars available at MusiciansFriend.Com:
    The Martin mini would be a great choice for a parlor guitar but they’re more expensive.

    EDIT: Parlor guitars are not necessarily the same thing as “cheap student guitars”. There are some very well made parlor guitars and most are anything but cheap. Washburn ones are about $ 500, the Martin mini is $ 3,000. Larrivee also makes them at around $ 1500. Small does not necessarily mean cheap. Now, not knowing what brand that guitar is it might well be his first guitar and probably is some European brand, but I wouldn’t necessarily assume it’s cheap just because it’s a smaller size guitar.

  2. Russell E says:

    It looks like a cheap student guitar. Since the band is from England it is probably an english brand similar to Stagg or something.
    I looked around and except for the color it’s very similar to this Hohner 3/4 scale guitar :

    It does look like a small scale “parlor”guitar of some kind. it’s definitely not a full size guitar. It is probably the guitar the guy used as a kid.

    But I can’t read the headstock in the video to tell you the exact brand name.

    there is a 3/4 size Martin parlor guitar that is dark colored like that but it is like $ 3000