Guitar Songs: Is The Slide Bar Required In Guitar Hero World Tour?

An amazing song! I hope you like my work :) Se oses kanoun ti zwi mas duskoli..alla kata bathos tin omorfainoun..”bob” (L)

I was just wondering if you can play through guitar hero world tour with the old guitar hero 3 guitar or if the new guitars slide pad is needed for certain parts of songs.


  1. cb52211 says:

    I think you can use the old one. You would strum though, so that might be difficult, but I think it might work.

  2. Lily says:

    Yes it is very necessary to have a slide bar

  3. Tyler says:

    No, it’s not required at all. The slide bar allows you to play those “slider gem” notes, which are notes “tied” together by a thin purple line.

    If you don’t use the slider bar, you can just use the regular fret buttons. You won’t have to strum on those notes though, so it makes it much easier.