What skills and programs would I need to create a member’s video tutorial website?

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Hi, I intend to try and create a video tutorial website. The idea is that paying members will have access to educational tutorial videos and in time I would like to give the site a forum functionality too. This website that I use to learn guitar is similar in principal I suppose ( http://www.guitartricks.com/ ). Please check it out so you know what kind of setup I am talking about.

It is something I would like to setup over the next year and since I have the time I think it would be beneficial to attempt to create it myself. I suppose the first step of doing something is isolating exactly what must be done so that is what I am asking you lot. What programs will I have to use to create something like this and what considerations will I need to take note of?

I have the advantage of being a former graphic designer and pro photographer so I can create all the visual assets in Photoshop and Illustrator without any issues. I have also had limited experience in Dreamweaver but I am essentially a total novice when it comes to something non visual and creation for the web.

Off the top of my head I am thinking at I could use CSS to create the visual site structure and then I will have to do something to do with CMS? Something with databases?

I appreciate all answers and thanks for your time.

Thanks for all the answers up to now. Just ‘JR’ I especially take on board what you said. OK, say I do all the visuals and storyboard out the entire site in Photoshop with exact visual criteria but then I get a developer to do the technicals. How much do you think it will save me on the cost of the site, if all the developer has to do is the technical implimentaion of my design? Anyone got any input on that front?

Thanks again all.


  1. Shalim says:

    You will try to learn: CSS, XHTML,ASP.NET / VB.NET, SQL (ajax optional)

    CSS, XHTML,PHP, MYSQL (javascript optional)

  2. Thinker Ninethousand says:

    It may be best for you to use an already made video site web template or a flash CMS plugin that will display your videos with an ‘easy to maintain’ backend.

    Here is one of many websites that offers such web templates/plugins:


    Definitely the quickest, easiest and professional way to create a video site.

  3. Jim Hoerricks says:

    Given that you have experience creating the web site shell, Adobe has come out with their Technical Communication Suite that has what you’re looking for in making the content.