Guitar Lessons: How Can I Skateboard Without Lessons?

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well,i want to skateboard but my parents don’t really want me to,they say i’m going to hurt my self etc but i think that’s part of learning…when i want to do something i want to pay for it myself and to be honest i’m 13 and i don’t have that kind of money or in my town they don’t really have those type of workshops or places where we can learn things.
some people say they’ve learnt things through websites like youtube,i know a few people that have learnt how to play guitar and keyboard but i want to know if anyone has learnt something like skateboarding through a video/tutorial/website etc
and i don’t know the first thing about skateboarding so recommend a type of skateboard i can use (maybe a random one from argos or something or does it have to be a special one i don’t know) i’ve always wanted to skateboard…i tried it once and fell off so i’ve kind of had a fear and i want to over come this and hopefully take on skateboarding :-)
oh & i’m a girl if that makes any difference to my question i don’t really know just thought i’d put it in lol


  1. Sheila says:


  2. ChipDaRip says:

    you most likely need lessons but try and balance on the board first and then make small movements gradually improving. This is a suggestion.

  3. Adam King says:

    You can learn from youtube as I learnt many things from there. You can watch on how to perform a trick and then take your board into the grass and perform it so the board doesn’t move away. For a board I recommend a custom board or one from a skateboarding store as retailers such as argos sell cheap boards that are horrible. You will need the correct safety gear such as a helmet and pads and to take it very slowly. There are many different videos on safety while skating and how to do the basics

  4. Open.Fire says:

    Dont listen to anyone who tells u u need lessons thats rubbish i started to learn skateboarding last week and i can already olly! Seeing as u know argos i guess ure from the uk, i bought mine there its pretty good for £30 but if i were u i would go to a proper skateshop. If u live in somerset there is a brilliant skate shop called ba3 in midsomer norton. Check out there website by googeling them. Good luck and keep practecing

  5. Trenton says:

    Well I’m glad you added that you are a girl, i almost called you a wienie. Regardless though the only way to learn is to fall. I’m only being honest falling and getting “hurt” by hurt i mean very very minor injuries like bruise or scrape, is your bodies way of telling you you messed up. Your body will become tired of messing up and you will get better. Also yes youtube videos help. But only in principle, execution is the crucial part at that only comes from practice. LOTS of practice. I fell everytime i went to a skatepark but it was because i always tried something i didn’t know how to do. Thats just how you have to be! Anyways as far a boards go, I’m a guy but i began skating on a “girl” board they are a little thinner and i liked them better, the choice is up to you honestly though, the cheapest way to go about doing it would be to build you own with a “blank” board these are like generic ones that have no drawing or paint, as far a trucks go you could probably scrimp on these as well as you are new you wont be grinding or anything heavy on them. Next is bearing, i would definately get some good bearings, maybe some BONE brand, the better the bearings the less you have to “push” and as a newbie your going to want to learn control, having to push a lot will take away from you learning how to balance while on your board. As far a wheels go, i’m not sure what terrain you will be riding on, i like hard wheels but i know people that like the gel type, either way its your decision, i would say the hard wheels are the best but i just like the noise the make when you ride. Hope this helps! Also i would say you could probably buy a decent board (build it at a shop) for about $ 25 dollar board $ 10 trucks $ 10 bearings $ 10 dollar wheels and 5 dollars for hardware (screw). This should be fine for a beginner. but whatever you do DO NOT buy a walmart board! You will just get frustrated while learning. Hope this helps! Welcome to email me with any more quesstions See ya!

  6. Roland Pike III says:

    you most likely need lessons but try and balance on the board first and then make small movements gradually improving. This is a suggestion.