Best Acoustic Guitar: How Do You Know What Size Acoustic Quitar You Would Need? I Want To Teach Myself To Play?

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Im 16 and i really want to learn to play an Acoustic guitar… ive been looking on the internet for a guitar and there all like full size or 3/4 ETC and i was just wondering what sort of one i would need? if anybody knows could they reply to this asap? thank you!


  1. Devils Advocate says:

    Unless you have really tiny hands, go for the full size one. Switching later on may be difficult.

  2. playinmyblues says:

    The best place you can go to get the best answer is a music store. You will be able to play all the guitars you want to and get advice from the people working there. When you buy from an online source you cannot play it beforehand. When buying online, even if you know the size of the guitar, sort of how it feels and that sort of thing, there is no guarantee that it will be set up properly and possibly optimized for you. Many online stores provide little to no setup at all.

  3. Tony B says:

    Why would you be considering anything other than an ordinary, proper, full size guitar?

  4. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    You are unquestionably big enough for a full size guitar. Full size guitars have a scale length of 24 1/2″ to 25 1/2″, where scale length is the distance from nut to saddle, that is, the length of the part of the strings that vibrates. However, among full size acoustics there is a variety of body sizes, from very large (jumbo and dreadnought) to very small (parlor and grand concert). For a 16 year old girl your best bet is a medium size guitar, called auditorium, 000, or OM.

  5. Greg Morston says:

    As a 16 year old, you’ll need a full size guitar.