Guitar Lessons: Sixth Form Or No Sixth Form?

I am studying two Btec’s at sixth form, Music and Performing arts. All I want to do is sing and I am seriously unmotivated on my assignments due to the fact that I am now so behind on them. I would like to carry on but im just really behind.

I thought that wanting to go into the music industry i need experience, not grades! I do singing lessons and I play the guitar, i also write songs!!

I just haven’t got any time to write them anymore and i have no time to get gigs, I can get ucas points from singing and guitar grades and If i get noticed or anything i can say that i have lots of experience!!

If i left sixth form i will get all that done, record a demo, travel to london, work with producers etc. Surely that has got to be better for my career???:)

Also my dad owns a recruitment company so if everything fails i still wont need proper eduction, i will 100% be able to take that over in good time:) (He earns a really good wage) soooooo
Whats to loose??

Tbh, i really need some advice! could you give me your opinion??
Bring me back to reality??
Thank you!!:) x


  1. floppity says:

    It’s a bit of a gamble. Say you don’t get the record deal you are after (lets face it, it’s a tough business) and say your dad’s company goes under – what would you do then with only GCSEs to back you up?

  2. NICK says:

    Your spelling sucks. Go now and get a highly paid job as a singer or stay at school

  3. Jessica says:

    Get all the education you can. If you do succeed, you’ll need to manage your money, invest it properly, be able to read contracts, plan your publicity. If you can’t read or do math, if you don’t know anything about business, you’ll get cheated. Don’t count on your father’s job; things change. Go talk to your teachers to see if you can arrange some way to catch up. You’ll be much better off if you have some training, fame doesn’t last forever.

  4. Rilakkuma says:

    Sixth form probably counts as mega experience. Stay in school, kids.