So my sisters getting me a new wii game for xmas…?

And she asks me which one i want, but im not entirely sure :l She doesnt want to spend that much so can’t get like guitar hero or wii fit. Im not into scary games like cursed mountain…so whats a good wii game thats out now or coming soon?x


  1. dksja; says:

    well im not quite sure what kind of games she is into but i also dont know your price range but wii sports resort is a good family friendly game or if she kind of likes war games call of duty world at war or modern warfare are all good games

  2. rayz336 says:

    if you don’t have mario kart wii that’s good
    new super mario bros. is coming out soon and that should be a great game as well

  3. BamBam says:

    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Naruto clash of ninja revolution 3
    Mario party 8
    castlevania judgement

    these are sum of the best wii games i would recommend

  4. karina says:

    mario kart