Guitar Lessons: My Singing What Do You Think? Hi everyone. I have always wanted to make this lesson. A few months ago I recorded this, and it’s been sitting in my computer for awhile. So here it is Bill Haley’s Rock Around The Clock guitar solo lesson. I hope this lesson is useful and you can get alot out of it. This one is dedicated to all the great people who have supported me this last year and all my rockabilly guitar friends I have met through Youtube. Feel free ad me as a friend on Facebook, and again to everyone Thank You…enjoy the lesson

I sing, play piano,guitar (badly),compose,and song write and I’m 15 (even though I probably look about 12) xD
I wanted to see what you think of my singing, I’ve loved singing since forever but I only took it up as a hobby a few years ago and posted some videos on youtube, after that my piano got better and I learnt to play guitar etc so yeah I really love music I’m getting singing lessons soon and doing more piano grades and my music gcse. I just wanna know how much you think i’d benefit from lessons?:)

Ps it’s not my best vocal cos I’d only just learnt the piano (I learn by ear) so I had to concentrate more on that
Thankyou everyone :) It’s really nice to be able to ask a question and get all decent answers with no trols :’)


  1. Jacqueline♥ says:

    ur really good:)

  2. iloveyou says:

    You’re really good! Id buy a cd of yours :)

  3. Siul says:

    Absolutely beautiful voice! You have great talent keep it up

  4. the problem solver says:

    yeah you got a good voice, hey i play guitar too!! 😀 check me out on YouTube: MrSocks118 :)

  5. Jenna Suriname says:

    Niceee you sound awesome keep it up because I can see potential. Also you learn by ear is also a great advantage because I play piano and it takes me a while to learn everything, anyways I think that was GREAT!