Guitar Lessons: Singing Help?

I’m due to record a demo next month. I’ve got a few songs written, and want to sing them myself. Unfortunately i’m not the most confident singer and haven’t done much of it either, meaning my voice can be hit or miss day to day.

Can anybody give me some advice as to how I can best prepare for the recording. Bearing in mind that I can’t really afford singing lessons. Is it really just best to practice much as you would practice pinao or a guitar?


  1. Model Behaviour ▌║││█║▌│║▌║ ™ says:

    Use these to train your voice:

    Also remember to have fun and relaxe being nervous will only make it worst.
    Good Luck!!

  2. tazzy_2207 says:

    Just practise loads and your confidence will grow slowly. You can record yourself here and leave your recordings saved publicly so that other users can listen and comment on your recordings. They can also leave feedback and any tips if you ask for them. It’s a great site and the people are really nice too. If you do sign up, give me a shout with your username there and I’ll have a listen.