Is this singing ‘so so’?

I know I’m never gonna be the best singer in the world I just want to be good enough to perform in front of people. Here’s a recording of the band I was singing/playing guitar for.

In honesty the sound of my voice sounds horrible to me but some people tell me its ‘not bad’, but I get the feeling its because there too nice to tell me how bad I really am.

On another note, here’s someone else who could potentially sing for my band, I know he’s better than me but he get’s stage fright, so listen to him and tell me what you think.


  1. Sffasda says:

    the second one is decent…he is off to a better start than you…like he needs to be more energetic…you don’t have a bad voice..but I don’t understand what you’re saying so its really hard to say who is better…I’ve definitely heard worse before so you aren’t terrible but you aren’t you know the best…