Guitar Games: Sims, You Need To See This!!!!!!!!!!!?

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so, i like to create video games, and im working on a new sim game, i am working on the part were you make new objects, and part of the whole game is that the players are satisfied. so i need you to tell me what is missing in the game, things that should be improved, and things to add, even things to take away from the game. below i have written a list of some things i think should be added, just read it so you can get the idea of what im asking for.

1.a mini fridge
2.a punching bag
3.massage chairs
4.electric guitars
8.more gaming systems shelves
12.ramps(for skateboards)
16.soda, juice,water, etc
17.drinking while eating
20.homemade cake
21.cameras to frame pictures
22.pranks informers

also tell me anything you think will be cool to add to the game, buildings, additions, community lots, cheats, anything, really, just dont go overboard.
most of the things you guys listed already excist. waching machines, drums, bass, just keep inmind this could also be thing that they used in part 2, or or the first sims


  1. Je sais qu'une vie ne suffit pas says:

    – Washing machines (I always wondered why Sims keep wearing the same clothes over and over)
    – Being able to leave the house through a window
    – Sims tripping over the carpet/stairs occasionally
    – Mother’s day, Father’s day,Valentine’s day, etc.

  2. Michaela says:

    Musical instruments like drums and clarinets and upright bass’, rocking chairs, hammocks, lol idk what else!

  3. Emily says:

    Holloween!! Stuff animals for the toddlers school? For the toddlers!! 😉 if school then backpacks lol that’s all I think should be added and holidays!!!