Guitar Songs: Simple Green Day Songs To Play On Guitar?

Heaven and Hell – Heaven and Hell Live at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City March 30, 2007 RIP Ronnie James Dio Metalrocker77 – Ronnie James Dio — lead vocals (2006–2010) – Tony Iommi — guitar (2006–2010) – Geezer Butler — bass (2006–2010) – Vinny Appice — drums (2006–2010)

I know they’re mostly 3 chords (because Green Day are awesome like that), but I can’t find accurate tabs and/or the strumming patterns. I’m terrible at picking out the strumming patterns because each time I listen to a song I end up singing it instead of listening to the background.

I can already play:

Good Riddance
Brain Stew
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I like all of their songs, ‘new’ and ‘old’. I’m not a creep who only likes ‘one’. There’s no new or old, there’s just Green Day.

So if you know any simple Green Day songs, please could you say and put the chords/tab/link down? Thanks!

BQ: Favourite Green Day song?

BQ2: Favourite Green Day album?
Holly: Thanks! I’m learning Walking Contradiction; one of my favourite Green Day songs ever, as we speak! And I love every song they’ve ever made, and find it hard to choose as well. I own a few of their albums; I want them all! (I have International Superhits, American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown, Awesome as F**k)


  1. ξṃṃα υṃвɾεllα†εїз† ™ says:

    Time of your life, i love that song.

  2. Comet Potter - AVODKA KEDAVRA says:

    When i come around
    When it’s time (Mostly the same as wake me up)
    Macy’s day parade
    The beginning of F.O.D

  3. Holly says:

    Hitchin` A Ride
    When I Come Around
    Coming Clean
    Try this website too, he has videos and tabs of a ton of Green Day songs. As well as Blink 182.

    BQ: Can`t choose, I own almost all of their albums and dislike very few of their songs!
    BQ2: Dookie, Insomniac, or American Idiot.
    Hope I helped! (:

  4. Music.Freak says:

    these songs require no picking. just strumming. 21 guns and holiday

  5. Awesomeness says:

    American idiot, quite hard but cool