Guitar Hero Games: How Much Should I Sell My Xbox 360 For?

NEW moderator module added, so you can vote for and suggest new songs. Check it out in my channel! The One Winged Angel theme from Final Fantasy VII arranged for piano, from the piano collections. (c) Square Enix and Uematsu. I transcribed the midi file myself, so its not perfect, but close 😛 The program used to make this clip was with synthesia and recorded with fraps. Synthesia is the piano equivalent of guitar hero. You can download the midi file from here: Slow version uploaded: If you want to learn to play it, then you can find the sheets here: Scroll down to piano collections, it is nr. 12 and its called One Winged Angel.

It’s a xbox 360 with 60gb hard drive one long cable CONTROLLER a official wireless headset a wireless guitar with a extra guitar hero metalica faceplate for guitar + 22 games — medal of honor airborne, hour of victory, fallout 3, ghost busters, guitar hero metalica, bully, far cry 2, fable 2, FIFA 08, call of duty waw, left for dead 2, call of duty modern warfare 2, rock band, call of duty 3, conflict denied ops, dead space, call of Juarez, call of Juarez bound in blood, grand theft auto, sega mega drive ultimate collection. Please tell me how much I would get for all that?
Sorry I forgot 2 games test drive unlimited and burnout revenge these are in plastic wallets they have no cases


  1. Josh says:

    At least $ 500, but between $ 400-$ 600

  2. Fernando O says:

    I would say around 500, maybe 400, maybe 600.

  3. Andrew says:

    Honestly I would pay $ 1750 for all that cause it’s preowned but the Xbox 360 by itself I would pay $ 550 Including the controller and headsets

  4. Proserpine says:

    God… with all of those games, estimating that they’re each worth at least £25 to £30, I would say between £800 and £900 for the whole lot. That would be a bargain for anyone. You could probably go up to around £1100 if you wanted though. I’d pay that if I didn’t already have them. Nice collection!