Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Sell This Xbox 360 Bundle For?

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i want to sell my xbox 360 but im not able to put a price on it, any suggestions?

What im selling:

20GB white xbox 360 console with 2 wireless controllers and plug and play kit.
xbox kinect sensor, with your shape fitness evolved, fighters uncaged, kinect adventures and kinect sports.
ufc 2010
fifa 11
gta 4
gta liberty city stories
fable 3
sherlock holmes vs jack the ripper
need for speed: hot pursuit
guitar hero warriors of rock (with guitar)
guitar hero world tour (game only)
assasins creed brotherhood
call of duty black ops
rockband (game only)
fable 2
modern warfare 2
fable 2
fallout new vegas
fifa 10
red dead redemption
lips party classics with 2 mics.

how much would you sell all that for??

suggestions please :)


  1. tristan says:

    Its not a bad list of games at all, but the console itself is dated for sure.

    I would say you might get $ 500 on craigslist for the whole bundle, which is too low for all those quality games, you might get more just trading in the games to EB.

  2. ? says:

    The console is one of the older ones but you have a lot of games and accessories. I would try for $ 350-$ 400 for the whole package.

  3. Braden Macbeth says:

    Depends on the condition really, I would guess from 600$ – 750$ .

  4. Black Wolf says:

    Sell it for about $ 500 all together.