Guitar Hero Games: How Much Will I Get If I Sell This Stuff?

Kung-Fu High Impact is a full-body motion fighting adventure that uses Kinect to scan YOU inside the game to fight the baddies with actual kicks and punches. Become the hero, kick some serious ass and control super-human abilities to pummel your enemies into oblivion.
Im selling all this stuff and I wanted to know roughly how much money I would get for it and what the best way to sell it is like in bundles or single and where to sell it.
Thanks :) x
wii, 2 remotes, drum kit for guitar hero, 2 guitars, 1 microphone, charging dock,wii fit board,12 games. Nunchuck. Everything is in good condition.


  1. Jo W says:

    Have a look on ebay and see what other sellers are charging.

  2. kapn says:

    AS much as you can get someone to pay you for it……….