Guitar Hero Games: How Do I Sell On Ebay? i know i know, i suck. most of the songs in this game are new to me, or i’ve heard them in passing but don’t listen to them and never tried them on guitar before.

hi I have a Guitar Hero 5 Bundle it includes a Guitar and the game but how do i sell it on ebay?? i dont have an account on there and is it safe to sell on ebay??? i dont know for how much to sell it for because i am raiseing up to buy a psp so if you have any answers ideas it would be great thank you!
ok i tried ebay but no one told me they charge fees for selling! i knw im dumb rite! anyways were can i sell stuff with no fees or anything like that!! need an answers quik!!


  1. ez80227 says:

    you do need to create an accoutn and new accounts have some limits like being able to collect before feedback etc.
    once you have an account, you click sell and follow the prompts.
    the best thing to do is search current listings for value so as to decide on how much to start the bidding and expected final bids or ‘buy now’ feature.

    however, first you need to set up an account.

    safer than craiglist, for sure.