Guitar Hero Games: How Much Would You Sell This For ? (as Bundle)?

Guitar hero Metallica ®

Xbox 360 Console

Guitar Hero: World Tour,
Gears of War 2 (Limited Edtion)
Left 4 Dead
Need for Speed Undercover
Call of Duty world at war
Saints Row 2
Resident Evil 5
Fifa 09
Grand Theft Auto IV
Lost The Video Game
Ghost Recon 2 Advanced-Warfighter

3x Wireless Controllers
2x Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kits
1x Xbox 360 Vision Camera
1x Messenger Kit
1x Guitar for Guitar Hero World Tour
And I forgot about the Wireless mic


  1. TheRealJediBob Productions says:

    $ 800 just an estimate just sell on ebay starting at $ 200 and set a minimum sale price so if it doesnt reach it it doesnt get sold

  2. Jeff says:

    that can sell for a lot of money dude. an ez way you estimate how much that will be worth is like this. take the console, controllers/play and charge kits, camera, and messenger kit and take the original price and cut it in half and that will be your used price. for all that i just said that will be about 270-280 $ .Guitar hero With the controller would be only bout 40-50 bucks because if you were to buy it new it would be 60 bucks.Total so far: 310-320 $ . Not bad so far…… Now for each game sell it for 15 dollars EACH. That would be 13×15= 195 dollars. The total would be…. around 510 dollars. Since you bought those new the tax that you payed for it would make it and even 600 dollars. This really is a great deal trust me.