Guitar Lessons: Is This Secretly All My Fault?

Sorry this is is gonna be long..

Basically I am 15 years old and my neighbour is 31, we get along great and he’s possibley the nicest guy I’ve ever met, he lives with his wife and 4 year old son. Were both into the same music and he teaches me guitar, I have his number and have him on Fb and he always puts 2 x’s at the end of texts and I text him last night asking what time suits for a guitar lesson today because he asked me to bring the guitar over and he text back saying that he and his son were going a walk would I wanna come (3 hour walk up the hills where we stay) and we would jam when we get back.he put 4 x’s on all texts last nite and a couple of wink emotions. We went the walk and on the way up he was on the phone to his wife and he was swearing to her and saying that he wasn’t drunk last nite and they were being cheeky to each other, then he came off the phone and called her a weirdo, we were completely fine after that and once we got home he said ill give you a shout later about the guitar, but he went in and sat with his head on the table and looked really upset, he has spoke to me as usual since, but his wife came home from work and they are clearly not speaking and I text him asking about the guitar, he didn’t text back and he has also deleted his Facebook after only having it for a few months, I’m really worried cos I don’t know if its anything to do with me ( we Fb mailed each other, not anything wrong just about music etc, is wife jealous)?I don’t know if I should ask him if it’s me?what can I do, I’m really upset over this :(?


  1. colostomy_punch says:

    This sounds like “Juno”.

    I think the guy realized how inappropriate it is for a 31 year old to be friends with a 15 year old girl.

  2. Isabella says:

    i think you should talk to his wife or him it’s up to you because you can’t be living in guilt forever

  3. The Brightest Star says:

    His wife may feel you are getting to involved in his life. But sereously, it could be anything. Good luck :)

  4. Frank Frank says:


  5. † Maryjo † says:

    Since he feels tempted by you, and his marriage is in trouble, leave him alone. Give him space to clear his head about what to do about his own feelings and his marriage. Don’t bother him!!!

  6. Amy Lackershire says:

    I would find a new guitar teacher. YouTube has some good lessons for free.

  7. redbaron1625 says:

    Sounds like his wife was close to catching him in the act of cheating. So he deleted his Fb so she wouldn’t have any evidence of it to use in a divorce. Don’t be so naive, if he was attempting to do this with you, there are probably tons of others he had on the side. The best thing to do is to move on and find someone else.