Guitar Lessons: How Many After School Activities Is Too Much For A 6 Year Old? Lead guitar lessons online. Here I show you a riff pattern called the hammer on pull off and roll combo. The guitar solo pattern is played at full speed and slow speed in addition to visual guitar tabs showing you the exact lead guitar solo pattern visually. I learn all my lead guitar solos using RiffMaster program which slows down guitar solos all the way down to 1/4 speed without changing pitch. The link to the program is above and below. Any questions can be left in the comments and I will answer all.

I want to enrol my daughter into some other after school activities. She currently does an hours of drawing and playing the guitar with her father but it sometimes goes on longer, she has an hour long piano lesson twice a week, she has half an hour of french three times a week with her tutor (just a local young adult who earns money by tutoring and it was my daughter’s idea to learn french) and swimming lessons once a week for 50 minutes.
She came back from her grandparents today and she had been at her cousin’s stables and wanted to learn to ride a horse. She had all the information with her, the lessons are an hour and a half twice a week. She also had information about the local drama group which she wanted to join and they have acting lessons which last for just under two hours on a friday.
I’m just worried this might be too much for her even though she was the one who wanted to start these things.
My daughter isn’t really social with other kids her age, especially at school.


  1. Nick S. says:

    when i was six, i took piano. That’s it.
    I seriously think that she shouldn’t take riding lessons.
    It’s ctually wuite dangerous for a six year old, anyways.

  2. Rob B says:

    Hi there I agree in your concerns and you need to try and balance out her time so she has enough relaxing time even if she feels she does not need to relax that much.

    It is great that she is wanting to learn so much and be active, and it’s fantastic that she is not one of those kids that wants to sit and play video games or watch TV but don’t let her over do it and tire herself out.

    I have 3 Children an 8 year old girl, 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl, and from my experience with my 8 year old and now my 6 year old you need to give them solid structure that has a balanced ratio:

    Advanced Learning
    Play Time

    Now in my eyes I would imagine that:

    Drawing and Playing the Guitar – both Learning and Play Time
    French – Advanced Learning and Interaction/Communication
    Swimming – Learning and Play Time
    Horse Riding – Play Time and Interaction/Communication
    Acting Lessons – Learning adnd Interaction/Communication

    Which is a great balance providing she is getting enough rest and has some time on a weekend to just play with her friends and chill out.

    As long as she is not too tired and has plenty of energy for School as her SATS will be this year i see no problem, the activities are so different and Im sure she will get a lot of enjoyment out of all of them (apart from french :p)

    Just give it a go and if you think she is too tired then eliminate one of her activities.

    Kind Regards


  3. emandgee says:

    Oh my goodness! Your daughter is already doing a load of extra activities, let alone adding more. My 9 year old son does two extra activities plus other stuff with me but a 6 year old will tire more easily than a 9 yr old and you’re likely to find her overtired if you add anymore activities to her schedule. If she’s very keen on horseriding or drama then suggest she swaps two other activities for one of those new ones. It’s great that she wants to try new things but she needs a happy medium. Happy Christmas :)

  4. Not a sweetie says:

    Look, seriously, if you can afford it just let her have it. Then make sure you listen, you go with her and spot when she’s losing interest in one of the acitivities so that you can offer to stop it. There is nothing worse than a pushy parent that goes on “I paid that much money for you and you just want to give up now!”. Kids can go very enthusiastic about stuff because their friends do it and only realise 6 months later they actually don’t like it.

  5. Laura says:

    As long as she wants to, go for it! As long as she’s getting around 10 hours of sleep at night, let her do as much as she wants.

  6. gothika says:

    in my opinion, as long as you can pay for it, and your child really wants it…then go for it.
    all you need to worry about is time management. she still has to have the energy for homework (if she already has that) and enough amount of sleep. that’s all.

    my 6-year old only has soccer and theater after school. but he loads himself up during summer with swimming, art classes, and whatever he feels he has to do at the moment. next summer, he said he wants to try karate.
    my 8-year old is the same: theater and basketball after school, and then he gets to choose a host of activities for summer. next summer, he’s doing art and science labs and maybe learn to play an instrument (he hasn’t decided which).

    childhood happens only once. that enthusiasm to absorb anything and everything has a very short window, too. so as long as you see she is kept healthy all throughout her extracurriculars, then that’s ok. but if you’re iffy…there’s always summer.