Guitar Hero Games: Returning A Game To Asda?

Hey guys! This song was newly released on the marketplace so Splync nonzzero and I decided to get it! it costs 160 msp to get it, blah blah blah, Dogmatic was going to get it I think but we already were halfway through the song so eh whatever. Maybe he might do it later and I won’t suck it up on vocals! If I do it that is, I’ve been playing rhythm games far too often lately. So this is the last one for a little. Wow I uploaded like, 12 videos last night lolwut Now the is the RBN MIX, NOT THE ORIGINAL, let me repeat… NOT THE ORIGINAL it was rerecorded with new everything. Neither Splynjc nor nonzzero liked it very much but after a little, it actually came to grow on me, and the new parts weren’t terrible. The intro guitar and it’s loudness pretty much lazered my face off when we started to play and I was like oshit Of course I’m voxtarring this and just so happens to be a sightread for all of us so a lot of the parts that are different (believe me, they are quite different) caught me off guard. But not too bad at all, especially with the weird pitch changes. Also, happy 1000 subscribers and 300th video!! I should have around 600 videos and 4000ish subscribers over my youtube career. As myself of course 😉 I used to have this other account I went under quite anonymously, but that only got like 200 subscribers so I don’t really count it anyway, enjoy! also, this song was the FUCKING SHIT back in seventh grade. Which would be roughly five years ago for me. lessthanthree it

i bought guitar hero WoR hoping that i could play guitar with controller like GH 3 however i found out you cannot…can i return this game to asda even tho its open..thanks!

im within the 28 guarantee thing


  1. Not Everyone has the same Opinion says:

    Yes you can!!