Guitar Games: Resume And First Job Help?

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Okay so. I am 18, turning 19 this year. I finished my V.C.E last year and have currently been doing nothing but playing guitar and video games since then. I am currently writing a resume and am looking for some help. As of now, my resume is pretty much blank. I have looked up templates and stuff on the Internet, and have the basics down. But I have no real “achievements” or work experience. Like, no work experience at all. What should I do to make my resume seem less… empty.

Also, I have stretched ears and my septum pierced. (I am also going to get my Bridge pierced, and plan on getting tattoos) Where would be an acceptable place for me to work where I do not have to take out the plugs in my ears and preferably keep my septum in?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, I live in Australia. Just in case you needed to know that.


  1. The Ginger Kid says:

    I think you can include hobbies, so guitar playing would be something you could put down, and you could say how long you’ve played it etc..

    As for where you could work, what about a clothes store with ‘outgoing’ fashion? There’s a store near me where to work there you have to have piercings! If I were you try looking for a shop like that, if there isn’t one then, try anything as you never know what might happen.

    Also if you are worried about work experience then just go to any business and try to arrange work experience, not only will that bulk out your resume but it potentially could turn into a paying job!