Guitar Hero Games: How Do I Remove Scratches From Disks?

i just bought guitar hero 3 for £20 from gamestation preowned

i dont have the reciept and the game does not play mostly because the disk looks like a cat took a fit on it



  1. Matt Davis says:

    You can buy kits from chemists and other shops that remove scraches, look out for one!

  2. xxegomunda10 says:

    i don’t think its possible to remove scratches. u should try cleaning with rubbing alchohol.

  3. DRD#421 says:

    There are stores such as game crazy that for a couple of dollars will buff out the scratches then the game should work find.

  4. Alyssa C says:

    okay this sounds weird. but when my disks dont work i flush it down the toilet and then dry it. and it works good after that. but with a game you dont have the reciept for idk if you wanna try it.

  5. ˣ says:

    Gamestation (my local one in Woking) has a machine that will clean the scratches out for you for a few quid.
    I think some Blockbusters (and GAMEs) have the same machines too.

  6. lover13 says:

    They have these kits that fill in the scratches so the disks perfrom like new. I know you can get them at Blockbuster.

  7. iceyblaze says:

    This may sound weird but it will work, trust me.

    Take some toothpaste (preferably the stuff thats all white) and rub it in circles around the disk. Let is dry until it gets really hard, then wash it off with warm water, dry the disk and insert into your system.

    Minty fresh smell and scratches will be filled in. :)