Best Acoustic Guitar: Redesigning My Acoustic Guitar, Any Tips?

So i have a beginners guitar (nylon string) that i want to sort of do up and make my own.. in very good condition.. Thinking i wanna paint it up abit, put some new string on it. Also this may be a dumb question but can you put steel string on a nylon sting guitar?? Thanks Peeople :)


  1. Jake says:
  2. Pocket Protecktor says:

    Use light gauge brass strings, but tighten the spindle screws where the string wraps around the spindle, sometimes doing that can pull the bridge out of the wood of the guitar body because it can’t handle the stress of steel string, or they won’t stay tuned because the spindles will just keep slipping out of tune whenever you stroke the strings.

    Usually sticking to a better quality nylon string works better, though, and then maybe use a quarter cent coin as a pick to add a metallic flavor,

  3. Weaver Ska says:

    Ive been using a hand me down acoustic from the 70’s, and I’ve “upgraded” it a good amount.

    Steel strings? Ive had no issues with mine, and I’ve been using steel strings on it for about 3-4 years.
    I tend to use Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys, but thats due to personal preference. Ernie Ball do some good steel acoustic strings, but I’ve never tried them, so i can’t give an opinion. I’d avoid using too thin a gauge, but its all down to what you prefer to play on.

    I also replaced the machine heads because they were a bit stiff and old,, which might be a good idea if you switch up to steel strings, or they might get worn out pretty quickly.

    I also added a clip on transducer so i could plug it into an amp and pedals.

    As far as aesthetics go, id advise using permanent coloured pens (as i did), as they won’t scratch off easily, and as long as they dry properly, they won’t rub off on you either.
    You can use paints, but they could get scratched off pretty easily, so pick the right type of paint.
    If you were going to go for just one block colour, i might recommend some car spray paint, as its very heavy duty, and will give you a smooth coat, so it won’t look too homemade.

    And, make sure to properly draft out some designs for it. When it comes to putting the design on, i can advise using masking tape to ensure you don’t accidentally cover the wrong parts of the guitar.

    hope this helps, and if you want some more advice, feel free to message me :)

  4. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    Ignore the idiots telling you it’s okay to put steel strings on your guitar. If you have a classical (nylon string) guitar you can NOT put steel strings on it. If you try to do so, you will quickly and completely destroy your guitar. The top will warp or the bridge will be ripped off, or both. Classical guitars are lightly braced because nylon strings exert far less tension than steel strings.

    Don’t paint your guitar; that will also ruin it. The guitar makes sound by the top vibrating freely. Any coating on the top will damper those vibrations and ruin the sound. Give your guitar to a beginner who will appreciate and not abuse it.