Guitar Hero Games: AnyBody Recruiting For Black Ops Clan Ps3.?

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Looking For a Search & Destroy Clan or anyother Type For Black ops on ps3. Iam Really Good At Search, a Great Team Player, iWork Well With other, Igot a Mic to comunicate, idnt Talk Alot of trash to people, But if They Talk it to me. Ishow Them Whos Boss. ;] Ihave Clutched Many Games With a lobby of 15 prestigers, a 1 vs 5 others [me nd them] Imade it, Ihave Proff From Friend When i played. Umm, Iam Reall Good at Quick Scopeing. Whilling To Try out for a clan any type. As Long as u guys Are good:]] Or Willing to Strt Aclan With others. dnt kno.? Ihave The Games [a-z] Borederlands, Brink, Call of Duty: black ops, Cod Mw2, Cod World At War, Grand Theift Auto 4, KillZone 3, Little Big planet 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Guitar Hero 3 & World tour & 5,[DrummSet Getting Guitar Soon] And Skate 3, Iam On Ps3 A Decent Amount of Times for a while:] Soo, Message For a psn.? or a try out[: Hope i get to join ur Clan : Psn: Demon King49
Well, IJuss Got The Game Not To long ago nd iam Real Good :] iShot u not, haha Iused to have a bad kdr :p like 4127 kills nd 4502 deaths but igot up to 5800kills nd like 5500deahts :p yeah iused to sukk but Am better Nd Still Rising, nd If i had a good team with Search ikno ikan Get up fast:]]


  1. Scyler Jones says:

    yes, we will, black operations. we mainly do search i can’t say you will definitely be accepted but i’ll send you a link. but i would surgest trying to contact them before signing up becuase we might delete you if we don’t know who u are and u will have to prove yourself…

  2. jamie prawlinson says:

    Your full of yourself homie