Guitar Hero Games: Can You Recommend An XBox 360 Game?

OST Name: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Sound Tracks Composed & Arranged by: THE RIOT -Teens of Anger- Performed by: THE RIOT -Teens of Anger- (Masatomo Komakine (VARI), KIYO-SICK [guitar], KATAKAMIX [bass], and YUKING [drums]) Ripped by: L4zK0 and ZekeLonewalker / PsychoZeke Following our last soundtrack previews–for Pok√©mon HeartGold / SoulSilver and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, respectively–we’ve decided to bring you another one, although this time around the driving force behind it is mostly L4zK0, the same guy that usually harasses me into uploading certain OSTs. Long story short, he got a hold of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and was blown away, not only by the game itself, but mostly by the music, which obviously meant he would inevitably rip it. With that in mind, TheOSTation proudly presents to you a humble sample of what the game has to offer as far as the music goes, which you will certainly like if you liked the first game. So far there’s no official word for a proper soundtrack release, but taking to consideration Suda51’s past statement on how the music of NMH is a big part of what makes the game so appealing, chances are we’ll be seeing a release sometime in the future (and I certainly hope we do). Lastly, be aware that the names for most tracks are unofficial, although in essence they could be taken as “semi-official” taking to consideration I used the game itself as reference for that alone: tracks #02 and 10 are official, though. Naming

I bought an xbox 360 last weekend and so far haven’t put the thing down. I’ve already completed both Quantum of Solace and Project Gotham Racing 4, and I’m pretty heavily into Guitar Hero: World Tour too.

I’m loving Quantum of Solace’s live multiplay action, which is keeping me amused this week, but I’m considering buying another new game tomorrow. Can anyone recommend something new that is going to blow my mind? I want good single player action and ALSO good online multiplayer options for longevity. Other than that I’m totally open to suggestions.


  1. jericho sland says:

    get gears of war and gears 2 they are fantastic

  2. Mystical Mamba says:

    as above

    COD – World at war

  3. Obsessed says:

    Halo I, II, and II are great and Bioshox but they are not recently new.

    Brilliant games but not good if you need sleep!

  4. NudgeMe says:

    Left4Dead is great for humor and online humor but that depends on your level of tolerance. Offline Prince of Persia is good. If you like Strategy type mmo you can try Lord of the rings.

  5. p4kig4ngst3r says:

    COD5 or GTA 4

  6. x_cat_man says:

    halo3, gears of war, counter strike, fear, fallout3, elder scrolls 4, farcry2, basically there are almost endless possibilities!!!!!!
    also get xbox live and download castle crashers and tons of other awesome shit!!!!!!!!!!

  7. squids_eye says:

    Get CoD: WaW or CoD 4 if you liked quantum of solace, it run on a very similar engine so you will probably enjoy it.

  8. Eugene D says:

    call of duty 4: modern warfare. It has the best single player campaign that i’ve ever played for a wargame. I really don’t like the ww2 games and civil war type games. the modern warfare was perfect.

    another one that is good is The Orange Box. It contains 5 games in one. it has half life 2, and episode 1 & 2, portal and team fortress which is a cartoony multiplayer shooter.

    for role playing, you’ll want Fallout 3 if you like the apocalyptic wasteland type with guns, or Oblivion: game of the year edition if you like the traditional fantasy. Both are highly rated.

    I find the best way to find out what games are good are to check out their reviews here:

  9. Kenton S says:

    Here is my list.

    Left4Dead-Awesome zombie co-op shooting game(great for live)
    GearsofWar 2-another fun shooting game if you played the first one you will like it
    DeadSpace-another zombie game which is one player,not that great on Live though
    Fifa09-best fifa soccer game made
    Fallout3-fun shooting game which is worth it.
    COD World At War-really fun and better on xbox live
    HaloWars-not out yet comes out in March it should be really fun if you like Halo games……
    And Grand theft auto 4 is really fun another shooting/mission game.

    I hope you fina a game that best suits you…PS what is your gamertag? so that we could play sometime?

  10. Sam E says:

    asassins creed
    cod 5
    gears of war 2


  11. JASON N says:

    Call of duty 4 is good for the online experience.
    Far cry 2 is very good also. I have been playing it for 8 days and have only completed 16% So that should keep you occupied for a while.

  12. Huwey says:

    Gears of war 1 is good but not as many people play the online anymore and its glitchy anyway but has a great story line and its cheap now. Gears of war 2 is also brilliant and there is a much better online play and theres a awesome campaign… also lots of other bonus games like horde on it… Halo 3 is good… Great campaign and fairly good online too… Fable 2 is good aswell… Long single player and its quite good too… Online play is bad though… There are some good games out there… A few good ones to come this year too…

    And by the way you say you got your xbox last weekend if you had waited an extra 2 weeks you would have probably got one with the chip update… it basically means that if you had of waited you have less chance of getting the red light problem

    Also im not a nerd… i dont even have an xbox 360 anymore i sold it because i played it too much…

  13. Branden D says:

    Gears 2 is pretty cool but it is way too easy to beat and doesn’t last very long, me myself would recommend Call of Duty:World at War (CoD5) it’s the best game for live and pretty fun story mode, with nice details and graphics.

  14. Shabnam N says:

    call of duty 11111

  15. Gaz says:

    far cry 2.if you played the fist 1 and liked it you will love is an amazing game