Guitar Chords: How Do I Recognise Chord Changes In A Song For My Music Exam?

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For example, on the sheet there will be the chorus of a song. There are empty boxes above certain words where the chord changes. We are given the chords:
Chord I: C
Chord IV: F
Chord V: G
Chord VI: A
And we have to fill in the boxes with the chords. How do I recognise which chord it changes to? I play the violin so using piano or guitar won’t help.


  1. Wayne T says:

    Practice playing chord progressions, or get someone who can play to play them for you, and listen to how they sound. Play a C chord, then an F chord; play a C chord again, then a G chord. Notice the difference in the chord. Then play each of the chords followed by one of the other chords. If you can’t eventually recognize a change from I to IV or from I to V, then you just don’t have an ear for music.
    Also play the inversions of the chords; E, G,and C or G, C, and E instead of C, E, G.