Guitar Games: Is This A Reasonable Asking Price For Computer And Console? Uk Only?

By now, I’m guessing most of you know that I utterly despise Jasper Batt Jr. But for as much as I hate him, I like all of the music that plays in the final battle with him. Feet on the Air (Phase 1): Not fitting at all for the situation at hand (what with Jasper “killing” Henry, Sylvia and Shinobu), but it’s still great. It fits the fact that Batt Jr is in a flying car – it’s fast paced, and almost like something you’d hear in a kart race. Titanium Batt (Phase 2): The only – I repeat, ONLY – good thing about this phase of the battle. This fight is nothing short of completely unfair, but this music was at least catchy and memorable (maybe that’s because of how my I heard this after I died so much?). I love how this one sounds like something you’d hear in a cheesy 1960s TV show, like Batman. Wait, Batt Man…? Damn, now that makes too much sense… Either way, I think this is probably my favourite of the three music tracks in the battle. Travesty (Phase 3): For me, this one ALMOST beats out Phase 2. ALMOST. The guitar in this track is just plain wicked, but there’s just a few things that prevent me from enjoying this as much as I should. One, the track isn’t nearly as good as We Are Finally Cowboys, and this plays while you fight a freaking PARADE FLOAT. So lame… The scary thing is… I’ve actually managed to beat Jasper once on Deathmatch mode…

Im selling some stuff, I have them listed, but unsure if its a good enough price im asking, or if its too much, and would be grateful if someone could advise me please.
Im selling my pc, monitor and printer as a bundle. Pc has intel core 2 quad q9450 processor, cooler master cpu fan, stealth stream 2 600w psu, 2gb ram, 1tb hard drive, geforce gtx 260-2 graphics card, dvd-rw drive, with windows 7, office, etc. monitor is 22inch full hd 1080p lg, and printer is a canon one. everything works perfect, and in excellent condition. im asking for £650 for all this, is that reasonable?
also im selling my xbox 360, one controller, hdmi cable, play and charge kit, 31 games, usb guitar, for £260, is this reasonable?
if anyone can advise me on a suitable price to list these items in adtrader, that would be great, thanks.
Games for the xbox include some older ones such as dead space, pgr 4, but also games like red dead redemption, assassins creed 2, modern warfare 2, etc.


  1. A True Lie says:

    for the xbox it would entirely depend on what games you are selling with it, i am guessing they are quite old games but i would still say that is a good price for all of that :)