What is ‘real music’ actually and why have modern day children dislike Classical music so much?

I was wondering about it actually.

My friends (since they learn music and have a passion for classical music) say that real music is Classical Music pieces by Chopin or Beethoven, etc. But they do enjoy listening to rock, etc.

Some other friends say that real music is what they enjoy listening to and therefore, they say that Classical Music isn’t ‘real music’.

Since many modern day teenagers/children have been born in the 21st century where vocals, guitars, drums, etc are played, they think that classical music is a waste of them and classify it as horrible and stupid. Why is this? Is it because they just want to go with what the everyday society wants?

For me, I think real music is the Classical genre because it expresses the composers feelings and the story of the piece in the notes instead of getting vocals to do it though with opera, I guess that is classified as real music? I think that real music is just the Classical genre I guess. Though I still don’t quite get why many modern day children dislike Classical music so much… I personally love Classical but that is number two on my list. Number one is Rock. (Just to point this out so people don’t think I’m bias or anything)
And I’m 14 years old (I just wanted to tell you this to not think I’m an adult or something… Though I’m kind of like 14 going on 20 so that’s why I cannot understand the minds of some of the modern day children)
Friends of mine listened to it (I forced them to) and they still think it’s ‘stupid’ etc.
I think it’s just because in their mind them think so and they wouldn’t accept how pure and amazing it is?


  1. bemycullen<3 says:

    i think ‘real music’ is every kind of music (but rap)

    and im 15 and i love classical music
    i listen to it all the time! ( however i also like muse)

  2. Melting Media EAC says:

    I think a lot of it has to do with cutbacks in budgeting for arts education. When I was in grade school, we attended the New Orleans Symphony once a month for a special school-time performance.

    I love all sorts of music until it starts sounding alike, so I’ve never been much of a rap fan. But there are interesting bits of hip-hop. I like indigenous music from around the world and especially like Latin Rock, possibly the most creative pop music these days.

    Ironically, for all I have typed, I am listening to Jacqueline du PrĂ© performing Elgar’s Concerto in my headset.

  3. J N says:

    I agree with you. I like to listen to ‘modern’ music but also at the same time, I enjoy classical music and its nature. Kids nowadays just want to get with society and be as “modern” as they can be. They think classical music is old. Therefore, out with the old, in with the new.

  4. Elegy says:

    I agree that ‘real’ music is what you like listening to. I like Dvorak but I also like Daft Punk. I’ll listen to Miles Davis and Metallica. I’ve even been known to sing along to Celine Dion. As for children hating Classical music, I disagree. They don’t hate it, they just don’t know it. You cannot have an opinion on music that you’ve never listened to. I would say it’s up to parents to make room for some Mozart in between Boney M and Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

  5. enjoi17 says:

    Musical preference and value is a very touchy subject because music is ART and art is a very subjective thing. Generally people like to believe that the music they like is best and what they do not like is not good, and that is true enough for them. The funny thing about musical tastes though is that they change greatly as we grow and progress as people. Can you imagine how people living in the age when classical music was the most popular genre would react to hearing jazz? Even 20 years ago jazz was scoffed at by classical musicians who believed that having a university course on the history of jazz was absurd. Now universities offer not only classical and jazz courses, but rock and blues and sometimes even metal!

    People are a product of their environment and in general their tastes in music will reflect this. As far as there being one ‘real’ genre of music, the notion is a bit ridiculous. Any value that we assign to music is extrinsic, sure a group of classical purists can get together and say these are the rules for evaluating what constitutes good music but it’s nothing more than a joke when we look at the real world.

    As an answer to why teens these days don’t appreciate classical music: we listen to music primarily because of the effect it has on our pathos or emotions, therefore because of this relationship between mind and music if we associate a certain genre of music with something negative then it is almost a given that we will not like the music. Classical music to many young people is seen as pretentious music for adults, and going into it with such a mindset it isn’t surprising that many cannot appreciate this sort of music until they have matured and opened their minds to more things. Music that IS culturally and socially acceptable to them are more youth oriented things like pop/rock/rap/r&b, the themes presented in these types of music generally appeal to younger audiences, which is why we see a preference to these sorts of music in youth today.