Best Acoustic Guitar: How Do You Raise The Action Of An Acoustic Guitar,the Frets Are Buzzing?


  1. The Big Cheese says:

    take the nut out and see if you can build it up slightly. Personally I’d take it to a music shop and see what they can do for you.

  2. bassiks87 says:

    It could be due to your nut being worn, Either that or your bridge being worn.

    Have a look at both and see how they look, if either are worn you will probably need to buy new ones, They are really cheap though, Just bits of plastic unless you have a really old vintage guitar.

    You could also try taking it to your local guitar store, they should either have a tech who comes in or have contact information for techs. They will be able to sort it out for you and i can’t imagine they would charge too much.

  3. J-Dub says:

    If you have a tension rod, get a tension rod tool and raise it slightly as well as change the nut.

  4. Tony B says:

    I’d have thought the most likely problem would be that the bridge was too low (a low nut would be likely to cause rattles only on the first few frets). The simplest remedy would be to remove the plastic (or bone) bridge and shim it with one or two pieces of card or plastic. My Ovation acoustic came supplied with a couple of thin plastic shims. Adjusting the truss rod could help matters if the problem is caused by too much, or not enough, relief on the neck. But take care if you try adjusting it! Try a quarter of a turn at a time and allow the neck time to settle before making any more adjustments.